Nylon Misting Elbow - MP

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1/4" size, Reusable, economical misting elbow is good for 300 psi systems

Low and mid pressure rated nylon 1/4" Push Lock Misting Elbow (With 10/24'' Thread). Recommended for use in Low and mid pressure systems and mosquito mist systems.


  • Mistmosqutio.com provides misting elbow in black and beige colors
  • 1/4'' size push lock connection misting elbow
  • Available with 10/24'' nozzle thread
  • Rated for 300psi systems


  • Mistmosquito.com manufactures economical misting elbows
  • Nylon misting elbow best for use in mosquito spray systems, insect control systems
  • Misting elbow has Push lock, slip lock connections
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