Cleanable Antidrip Mist Nozzles

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60 to 70 degree spray angle, with removable stainless steel fog pin you can easily clean your clogged nozzles of Mid/High pressure misting systems. No maintenance is required compared to clogged non performing nozzles.

Misting nozzles available with nickel plated finish and individual nozzle filter at affordable prices at Misting nozzles are designed with removable stainless steel fog pin. This design makes it easy to clean clogged nozzles and allows you to put them back in service fast.

These cleanable nozzle provides long lasting performance for variety of applications with corrosive and higher viscosity liquids. Most common uses of cleanable misting nozzles include mid and high pressure misting systems, insect control systems,odor control systems and mosquito misting systems.


  • also offer in 12/24 threads, on request
  • 10/24 thread
  • 60-70 degree cone pattern spray
  • Built in anti-drip feature
  • Minimum working pressure 60psi
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