4023 Mosquito Nozzle

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Standard flow rate, ideal for residential, commercial, livestock/equity applications, 4023 misting nozzle is good for spraying liquid at a controlled flow rate, prevent from mosquito and insecticites.

  • For insecticides and mosquito control you require 4023 mosquito misting nozzles, it is good for spraying liquids.
  • 4023 Mosquito Nozzle is perfect for the mosquito control.
  • This exclusive design produces a fine mist with a precisely controlled flow rate and spray angle.
  • Low flow, fine atomizing humidifying nozzles for misting systems, pest control spray for home, agriculture and industry. The standard flow rate is 0.59 GPH @ 100 psi to 1.33 GPH @ 500 psi , water. Spray angle: 70°degree.



  • Spray pattern: Semi solid cone spray pattern
  • Adapters available in 1/4 or 1/8 sizes
  • 9/16 Thread
  • Standard flow rate: 75 GPH @ 160 psi, water
  • Spray angle: 70° @ 160 psi, water
  • Built in Strainer
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